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ThinkTank Networks is an international network of senior Business Development professionals dedicated to increasing efficiency in Marketing and Sales.

We support B-2-B clients with a range of services including strategic business planning, development, and implementation of marketing initiatives and outsourced sales activities.
We develop pragmatic business models and work hand-in-hand with our clients in integrating them into daily operations.

We manage Marketing and Sales.

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ThinkTank Networks | Business Development Excellence

We are the fertilizer for your business growth

Business Development

ThinkTank Networks helps technology companies to grow. Our branch expertise stays on the B-2-B segment with a strong focus on machine construction and information technology firms. Technology-driven companies benefit from our strong Go-to-Market expertise to develop new business areas and to increase sales efficiency.

ThinkTank Networks does not only consult but also offers services in terms of practical implementation and business execution.

We are the fertilizer for their business and help to grow it.

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We shape your business plan to make it sexy for investors

Technology Start-up

We support technology Start-up companies in shaping their business model and the development of a professional business plan. We provide this assistance before, during and after the foundation of the company. We have access to a broad network of business angels and international venture capital investors. In addition, we coach start-ups to grow their business on a global scale.

ThinkTank Networks is a trusted advisor for several German and Chinese start-up networks and associations.

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We connect your business in Europe, China and Vietnam

Market Entry

We enable the market entry in the direction of China and Vietnam as well as from Asia to Europe. We bridge the two continents to enable Sino-German business.

China and Vietnam are not only massive market potentials but also an interesting place to recruit highly educated talents. ThinkTank Networks’ local network and partners, as well as a robust relation to the government of China, enables us to pave your way to East Asia.

For Asian technology companies and investors, we develop the European market access. Asian institutions benefit from ThinkTank Networks’ broad network we have established in Europe.

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Business Success Model

To run a company of any size, always three pillars are of major importance and must equally be staffed with sufficient resources.

Product & Services: Each company needs well-developed products and services, offering a cost and use-case advantage.

Finance: Sufficient financial resources are crucial for a stable business environment.

Go-To-Market: Each company has to invest in sufficient Sales and Marketing resources. The best products are not sold if the sales channels are not well managed.

Management: The management team challenge is to allocate the available financial and skill resources to all three segments with the same prioritization. A high number of existing companies have no problem to spend millions for a product development, but do not invest on the same level to market these products.

If only one of the three pillar is weak, the entire company will get trouble. Like a three-legged stool, if one leg is broken the entire stool will fell down.


ThinkTank Networks works hand-in-hand with clients to jointly develop a strategic sales approach, aiming to exploit several potential opportunities.


ThinkTank Networks offers experienced change managers and coaches to ensure the effective implementation of sustainable change processes.


In addition to Consulting and Implementation, ThinkTank Networks experts manage sales and marketing programs in various areas.

About us

ThinkTank Networks brings together experienced sales and marketing experts from a range of disciplines. The network delivers a wide selection of programs, methods, tools and campaigns to suit individual clients’ needs. It is our goal to integrate these seamlessly with our clients’ daily operations to deliver measurably improved efficiency.

We manage Sales and Marketing.

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