Market entry

We connect your business in Europe, China and Vietnam

Economic growth is closely linked to any kind of expansion. Thereby, thinking globally has become decisive. Never before it has been so important to enter new markets and build up production capacities abroad. We offer knowledge and capacities to realise such plans.


If you want to expand your business, especially as a manufacturer of technical products, there is now way of getting past China. To stay competitive, it is essential to rely on Chinese production sites.

Nonetheless, making deals with/in China is fairly difficult for foreign enterprises due to strong cultural differences. On top of that, doing business in China is nearly impossible without the goodwill oft he local public administration.

Fortunately, we have local Chinese partners and good relations to the Chinese government to help you realise economic ventures with China.

Viet Nam

Viet Nam is now where China has been 20 years ago. It is a highly interesting market that starts to open for foreign enterprises and we want to help you seize that huge opportunity.

Our local partners enable us to provide you with a solid market entry support for Viet Nam.

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