What’s a great campaign creation?

“You can tell a good, creative strategy from its sheer communicative force. The ideas that surprise your target but kindle the desired emotions at the same time – those are the really good ones. The best ones, however, are the marketing strategies and deliveries that don’t just grab attention, but also arouse interest and lead to marketing success.

That’s why we don’t fit the mold of the eccentric creative always on the lookout for the craziest, most eye-catching advertising idea. Yes, I’m a creative advertiser. Above all, though, I want to hit on the idea and the medium that fit your company and your product like a glove. I see no inherent contradiction in cool design, bold ideas, taking the road less traveled and delivering spot-on information. At the risk of repeating ourselves: The only thing that matters is your success.”

André Kinne – Art Director

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