Why does customer dialog play a role in mechanical engineering?

“The job of a mechanical engineer focusing on product development is to design and build complex mechanical systems and products that meet customers’ varying needs.

There is no point, however, in over-engineering a machine – the perfect model should have every feature your customer requires, but nothing else, as customers are usually unwilling to pay for unwanted extras.

Poor understanding of customer requirements and inaccurate assumptions made during the process of collection and analysis of information can have significant negative implications for lead-time, quality and cost..

That is why proper customer dialog matters. Achieving a clear understanding of customer requirements and markets through market research is of utmost importance as vendors strive for customer satisfaction.

Due diligence in properly capturing, analyzing and understanding customers’ genuine requirements will maximize benefits, delivering an optimized product that gives the customer the competitive edge.

For you as a customer, the best mechanical engineer is one who succeeds in translating your needs into a customized solution.”

Florian Ganz – Technical Strategist

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