Can a word really be worth a thousand pictures?

“Howard Gossage, also known as the Socrates of San Francisco, identified the crucial point of copywriting: ’You don’t have to bruise an elephant all over to kill him. One shot in the right place will do.’

From a single ad to corporate communication, effective text (copy) is the driving force. And along with copy goes concept.

Copywriting is essential, because it provides “the one shot in the right place”– delivering the idea for an ad, a billboard or a campaign, but without the necessity of big promotional budgets.

What’s more is that professional copywriting can prove decisive for the future of start-ups or in distinguishing the competitiveness of new products.

Because, to quote from the Bible, “in the beginning was the word”, every enterprise and every product needs a name. Ideally this should be unique and describe all benefits in both a positive and sympathetic way. This difficult job is called “Naming”. And it takes a lot of creativity to find a name that meets these requirements and is legally reliable at the same time.

Finally, a good headline can be a liferaft in the flood of visual impressions that people are inundated by today, helping to foster the message.”

Richard Wolny – Text Designer

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